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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection: Safety First

Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection: Safety First

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) and ASA-Texas present:   Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection: Safety First   A Forum for ASA Members and Nonmembers on the Future of Vehicle Inspection Programs   Oct. 19 Forum | Noon-3:30 p.m. | Houston Area   San Jacinto College Transportation Center, 3331 Luella Blvd., which is near the college campus.   Join us for Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection: Safety First, a free, half-day forum for ASA members and nonmembers to explore how we can strengthen vehicle inspections. Experts from the public and private sectors will address the importance of for- mal inspection programs and their impact on the public.   The State and Federal Panel includes: •   Jade Winfree, senior analyst for the Government Accountabil- ity Office (GAO), presenting the findings of her office's 2015 study on state safety inspection programs   •   Jojo Heselmeyer ... read more

TXACA Successful in the Franchise Tax Code Efforts HB 500 Passes!

  If you don’t know what HB 500 is, or why it is important to our industry and your shop shame on you! HB 500 is the culmination of 3 years of hard work, late nights and long drives by YOUR ASA and will save our Texas member (and every shop owner in Texas) millions of dollars every year in taxes. First off HB 500 cuts our Franchise (Margin) tax rate in half, from a full1% to the same rate dealerships pay, 1/2%. This means that if you Franchise tax bill was $1900 last year it would be half that, $950 next year. But wait, if you owe less than $1000 you don’t pay, so your bill would be NOTHING! If your bill was $5000 last year it would be only $2500 next year. This is a vital savings to shop owners! It means the difference between upgrading equipment, offering training to our staff or paying taxes. It means a vacation for the owner, a raise for a great employee or just being able to pay some of the other bills on time. It pays for your ASA dues, probably several ti ... read more


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